planet b234

Final Mix is FINISHED!

César Dávila Irizarry’s Pro Tools Session

-Our incredibly talented Foley Artist and Re-Recording mixer, Diego Benalcázar @diego_benalcazar is finished with planet b234’s 5.1 surround mix! You can also check out his work at @db_audiolab

-Supervising Sound Editor and Composer César Dávila Irizarry @cesardavilairizarry and Composer, Carlos Iván Márquez @cimarquez prepared the most hauntingly compelling score for our feature film!

-In our very own’s César’s voice: “Most of what composes ‘silence’ in a movie is made up from layers and layers of ambiances. These layers are what build up that cinematically natural sense of real silence that enhances the storytelling for the audience.
This image shows the ambiances that I designed for the movie planet b234.

Directed by @keeliesheridan

Produced by @jay_the_wolverine_friedman , @jorgelunadj , @keeliesheridan

Executive producer Ian Weintraub @ianweintraub

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