planet b234

“…a stunning low-fi, sci-fi gem.”

It’s not everyday that your feature film is described as such by a film festival selection committee! “The directorial debut of Keelie Sheridan, planet b234 is a stunning low-fi, sci-fi gem. It resonates with emotional potency and showcases a pitch-perfect performance from the film’s co-writer and star Jorge Luna.”

Thank you, MidWest WeirdFest!

We are simply honoured to be a part of the 2022 lineup! It’s all happening at Micon Cinemas in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 4-6 March, 2022!

Also, we get to screen together again in a second film festival with another NY feature, The Last Frankenstein, where our director Keelie Sheridan, and actors Jorge Luna and Otto Luna-Caratini perform in!

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